2017 Candlelight Song Selections

This is the Christ

Vocalists: Rhiannon
Instruments: Guitar only (Ryan)

Notes: Slow it down and ad lib

Who would Have dreamed

Vocalists: Kathryn
Instruments: All

Sing we the song of immanuel

Vocalists: v1. Cody, v2. add Ryan, v3. add Layton
Instruments: All

Notes: Build each verse to big finish

God with Us

Vocalists: All
Instruments: All

Come to Save Us

Vocalists: v1 Rhiannon, v2 add Kathryn (harmony)
Instruments: All

Behold the Lamb of God

Vocalists: v1 Ryan, All
Instruments: All (Keri on keys)

Notes: Want to build each verse to all in on finish