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A special series through the book of Revelation by Pastor Brent Osterberg.


The Gospel of Luke

Our series through the book of Luke, by Pastor Brent Osterberg. (Resuming in December.)


1 Samuel

Verse by verse series through the book of 1 Samuel, by Pastor Brent Osterberg.


In Depth: Vision Statement

A series by Pastor Brent Osterberg dedicated to in depth study around the different attitudes described in our vision statement.

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Verse by verse series through the book of Colossians by Pastor Brent Osterberg.


Special Series: Jonah

A 3 part series through the Old Testament book of Jonah, by guest preacher John McKenzie.


Special Series: The Trinity

A 3 part series on the doctrine of the Trinity, by Pastor Brent Osterberg.


Studying God's Word: Selected Scriptures

Individual sermons dealing with topics and studies in God's Word, by Pastor Brent Osterberg.


Guest Preachers

Sermons delivered by guest preachers.