Immanuel's Child

Once again this year, Living Hope Bible Church will be collecting donations to support the Slavic Gospel Association ( & their Immanuel's Child Outreach. 


Give to Immanuel's Child Online via the SGA Website

From the SGA Website:

With your gift for SGA’s Immanuel’s Child Outreach,  you will bring the hope of the Gospel to “hopeless” girls and boys in Russia and the surrounding countries at Christmastime. 

Every $25 you share helps provide one hurting child with:

  • A Children's Bible and Christian literature!
  • A special Christmas present.
  • Follow-up care and discipleship by believers!
  • A Star of Bethlehem Ornament — that says "JESUS LOVES YOU!" in Russian — with your name printed on it.

A caring Christian will hand your gifts and ornaments to girls or boys this Christmas. Your gift can change their lives forever! 



Testimonies from Previous Years


I want to thank you from my heart for your help. I always feel that your prayers go ahead of us. Your financial support is also an important part of our ministry. I know it is not I who work in peoples hearts to be saved, but it is God, through you and me, creates this great ministry in our place.

In the local orphanage for children (ages 1-7) God has opened to us a new place for ministry. The children are from families with alcoholic or drug-addicted parents. Some parents even turned their children out of the house and they had to come to the orphanage. This orphanage is very poor. The church donated money, toys and some clothing. We bought fruits. The children were very glad. One boy took my hand and said, "You are so kind. Be my Father." One seven-year-old girl always clung to one of our church workers called her Mommy. We could hardly stop our tears.

God opened the doors of this orphanage for our ministry. Our children cheered the orphans by showing them a Christmas performance and gave them small presents. With tears we pray for these children, believing that God will send help for them. Please join our prayers. May God bless your and our ministry in His name!

— Sergei, Russia


A hearty greetings to you dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

At Christmas, we were able to organize evangelistic meetings in the village of Halenja, which is in the Kiev region. A portion of the evangelistic outreach involved a Christian puppet show. More than 200 children came, as well as their parents. After this program, our Sunday school grew as many new children were added!

Please continue to pray four our ministry in Ukrainka and Halenja. We want to expand our work with local children and teenagers. Thank you for your support in our ministry.

—Mikhail, Ukraine


I heartily thank God and you for your prayers and financial aid for my ministry for the Lord's glory.

December was rich in visitations and festive services before Christmas. With a music group, we were able to visit children's facilities in Grodno and the surrounding district. We were able to sing for the children and the staff, we shared the Bible's account of the birth of Christ with the help of a flannelgraph. We taught Christmas songs to the kids, asked them questions related to Christmas, and the life and death of Jesus Christ. We blessed the children and staff with our prayers, and then the children received gifts and children's calendars, while all the staff received the "Spring of Life" magazines and other Christian literature.

During this time, we also invited large families of the town to the church to hand out gifts to the children. In total, there are 90 families in the town having 5 or more children, and about 80 families came with their kids (aged 6-14). To accomodate them all, I conducted several services which lasted for 45-50 minutes, then prayer was offered and we gave presents out to the kids and spiritual literature to the adults. We believe this will bear great fruit as these families find living very hard. For 20 families who desperately needed boots and clothes, SGA provided them, while telling them about the Lord's great love for them.

Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.