Words on a Gravestone

Mark Bennett sent the following email to the other elders after his morning devotions a while back.  When it was still on my mind several days later I thought it was worth sharing with the body.  It’s a very short reflection on 2 Chronicles 21 reprinted with his permission:

Words on a gravestone say much about the decedent.  II Chronicles 21 reports on King Jehoram’s reign in Judah.  He was one who “did what was evil in the sight of the LORD”.  His death is described as an incurable disease of the bowels.  Verse 20 tells us, “And he departed with no one’s regrets.” May our commitment to God, along with love of the gospel and our people, spare us from such an epitaph! - Mark

I hope this email sticks in your mind in the way it did mine!  Are you investing in others for God’s glory?  Do you share Scripture with others from time to time?

Ben Forbes




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